'Tis the season to be jolly - festive decoration ideas.

"It's begining to look a lot like Christmas

Everywhere you go"

This year is special, nothing like what we've seen in our lifetime. I decided to bring in the festive season this winter quite early, to boost our spirits and bring joy and delight to our lives. The fairy lights in our balcony have been twinkling since Diwali, tealight candles lighting up every evening with their soft glow just like the fireflies!

Last week we put up our family Christmas tree, and the house already looks bright and happy. I do love real Christmas Fir trees, makes me go back to our decorating days every Christmas when I was working in the hotels in India. There was such excitement and so much to be done to decorate many of the huge real trees imported from Europe. Gift wrapping endless boxes of faux presents that filled up an entire empty room, to be placed under the trees was another highlight.

But at home, it is much scaled down and I prefer the faux trees, purely because of convenience and economy. Perhaps I feel a bit sad seeing discarded trees left on the side of a pavement when it is dry and shedding when all festivities have ended. We just make use of whatever we have gathered over the years and this year was no exception. A few wreaths, few string lights, colourful pine cones, some candles are enough to make a space bright and joyful. Well it depends, some like to go big on decorations and some would like subtlety. There is no right or wrong way of decorating your home, whatever makes you feel happy, go for it.

I have made use of things that are lying around the house and make them look festive. With a little bit of imagination and a few tips from big sis across the other side of the world my festive decorations slowly but surely took shape. The biggest plus in all of these small activities is that it gave me lot many hours of fun. Coming into the 2nd week of my Christmas tree, we had re-jigged and re-arranged a few bits already. Everyone gets a itchy hand and wants to put their mark on it!

Here are three really easy Christmas decorating ideas which will transform your space without breaking your bank.

Glass bowl centrepiece

I have this lovely glass bowl for few years which I normally decorate according to seasons. With few little touches, I changed it into this beautiful, sivery, scented centre piece.

You can use any glass bowl you have with not a very deep bottom or even a Margarita glass. First, I filled 1/3rd of the bowl with decorative crushed glass pieces. These, you will easily get in a home decor or any craft shop. Well if you do not have the means or resources to buy, a layer of raw dry rice will do just as good! Trust me. Tie a ribbon around a 7cm-10cm tall pillar candle and make a nice little bow. Perch the candle at the cetre of the bowl on top of the crushed glass. Layer the area around the candle with dry pine cones, flowers and shells from a pack of your favourite scented potpourri. I have gone for a winter, white - silver theme and a mix of fragranced dried botanicals of Cedar, Balsam, pinecones etc. And there you are - a nice silver themed glass bowl decor piece in a budget for your coffee table, dining table, hallway credenza or even the side table. Feel free!

Winter Candles DIY

This simple arrangement of candles and pine cones will brighten up any winter evening. Using gold painted cones, and red cherries and decorations, makes it a beautiful Christmas centrepiece.

I have used a wooden salad bowl, filled 2/3rd of it with clean sand. Use two different sizes of candles. Insert the tall one in the centre and 4 shorter ones around it. Next fill the empty space between and around the candles with golden and natural pine cones, dried red berries, cinnamon sticks, chestnuts and red ornaments. I've used a mix of pine cones and red berries from a pack of potpourri and natural pine cones, I had picked up during the summer! I filled any small gaps with dried beans & chickpeas! if you wish you can spray paint the bowl or tie it with a red or golden ribbon.

Decorative Candle set

This beautiful candle holder set was a gift from a dear friend when we first moved in to our new home. I bring it out every Christmas for our dining table. This year I have given it a special festive look by adding silver and natural potpourri on the wooden tray. Added tall pillar candles which completes the look. Who doesn't want a festive look and festive fragrance throughout the house. So, if you have something similar that you're holding onto for many years, maybe it's time to give a fresh thought and re-invent it this festive season.

What are your special decorating ideas this year? Let us know, meanwhile I need to put a wreath outside my front door, hang a few string lights around the windows and oh yes, set up our dinner table for our special 2020 Christmas meal!

See you soon with festive stuff!

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