Start the Year with Positivity – goals for the new year

As the new year dawns on us, I am looking forward to a very different year than the last one. I am not talking about writing down new resolutions at the very beginning of the year only to be forgotten within the first three months. Although the year that went by was a very challenging one and continues to be so even now, there are many positives that I have gained out of it, as I am sure you have too. And when I have these positive reinforcements around me, I would definitely love to hold on to them ‘cause I have reaped the benefits. I am sharing some of them with you in the hope that maybe it will positively affect someone. And that we can exchange notes in future and who knows, maybe we can find a few common ones!

No one knows what is yet to come, but these are few things that I am bringing with me this year...

Hydrate first thing in the morning :

What is the first food or drink that you have after you wake up in the morning? Before you jump into conclusion, let me tell you that, I do drink a full glass or two of lukewarm water first thing in the morning. This is a habit that was developed right from our childhood days. Recently I have started drinking lukewarm with a tablespoon of lime juice. Drinking a glass of water in an empty stomach helps re-hydrate our body instantly after going without water during 6-8hours of sleep. It helps relieve the body of its toxins thus leaving it fresh and ready for the day. It helps improve digestion and relieve constipation. Make it a habit and see the benefits for yourself. As for me, I am definitely sticking to this morning routine come what may! Simple isn’t it. Also do not forget to drink water regularly throughout the day. So, one of my mantras for 2021 will certainly be – ‘Stay Hydrated’.


Practicing Yoga definitely made me tick through 2020 with much more ease. I have developed a deep respect for this ancient Indian physical, mental, and spiritual practice. Yoga helped me keep active both mentally and physically in the last year. It is helping me in becoming more mindful, improved my breathing which in turn has positively impacted my overall wellbeing. I suffer from migraines, but these breathing techniques have helped keep these at bay. There are multitude of benefits from practicing Yoga and if you are looking for some inspiration and don’t know where to start, read our blog post on yoga for beginners. The most important way to see positive changes in yourself is to practice daily even if it is for 10minutes. As my Yoga guru says, ‘your daily practice is the best practice’. So yes, continuing to make yoga a part of my life is something that is for keeps since I have nothing to lose except maybe a bit of extra baggage that I’m carrying. What is your way of keeping active physically in 2021?

Going Green:

Another positive and strong reinforcement that is going nowhere is incorporating more greens into my family. Be it including more greens in our diet, soaking them with our eyes or by being eco-friendly. We are consciously including more green vegetables in our shopping trolley every week, experimenting with flavours, and seriously speaking, this has brought joy and an immense sense of satisfaction. Eating a nutritionally balanced meal is immensely important as we all have been made to realise in the last year! We love our nature walks and will continue to do so and explore the local flora and fauna along with the seasons. And, ahem, I believe I have got green fingers and will carry on growing veggies and flowers in my balcony garden! Last but not the least, practicing eco-friendly lifestyle as much as we can and explore newer avenues to be greener in our activities. For e.g., excluding plastics and including more reusable, biodegradable, or natural materials, explore eco-friendly household products that are pocket friendly too to name a few. We do consider ourselves as an environmentally conscious family, but that isn’t enough from what we’ve seen in the last couple of years. Hence this is definitely on our list in 2021.

Positive affirmations:

‘Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful’ , what do you say. Another of my learnings that I am taking forward to this new year is the power of positive affirmations. As author and psychologist, Dr Carmen Harra says in her post in the Huff Post ‘Affirmations are proven methods of self-improvement because of their ability to re-wire our brains.’ I strongly believe in the strength of positive thinking and affirmations manifest them by saying those thoughts out loud in words.

Read books and more books:

A quote by the renowned Pulitzer prize winning author Jhumpa Lahiri ''That's the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet''. Since it is very likely that I won’t be travelling and exploring anytime soon this year, books will be my best buddy. Be it hardbacks, paperbacks, e-books or audiobooks, fiction, non-fiction, or anything that comes my way, that I can afford, I am planning to devour this year.

Keep learning:

Never stop learning, is my motto. Year 2020 has taught me a lot, gave opportunities to learn new things that otherwise I wouldn’t have perhaps cared to know. It has opened my eyes to many different facets of the world, and wow… they are interesting. So, I have promised to myself to continue educating and discovering. Doesn’t this sound exciting!

Be more money wise:

Year 2020 financially hit hard almost every sector and has forced us to look inwards and rethink our behaviour with money. One can never be wrong to focus on money management at any stage of their life, sooner the better. It is always wise to save for a rainy day and especially in these times when you do not know what lies around the corner.

These are few points on my list that I shall be taking forward with me for a positive start to my 2021.

What are your goals or things that you would focus on this new year? Did any one of them resonate yours?

And yes travel is always on my mind...if permitted :-)

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