Spinach potato/Aloo Palak

Spinach potato or as popularly known as Aloo Palak in Hindi, is a healthy vegetarian dish. It can be had as a side dish with rice or rotis. This is a delicious way of injecting a healthy dose of greens and their goodness into your child's/ family's diet.

Our childhood days I remember spinach leaves were always there in my mum's kitchen garden but I confess that I was not a great fan of this dark leafy greens. But our dear mother used to find time and strength to come up with different ways of ensuring we get the benefits by camouflaging these wonder leaf in her many ingenious recipes!

I consider myself extremely lucky to have a kid who, although not a fan but is not averse to eating green leafy vegetables 😀. This green goddess is full of nutrients and antioxidants and is a very good addition towards achieving a balanced diet.

There are various versions of spinach and potato, the spices and way of cooking would differ from one cook to another. Even the texture differs as some would puree the spinach leaves thus giving a smooth consistency, others would chop them.

Here I am proud to share my version of this famous combination(esp in Indian cookery) - Aloo Palak aka spinach with potatoes that my family loves. It is easy, quick and fuss free cooking (other than chopping the spinach leaves, probably), hence one of my favourite too.


Prep time: 10mins

Cook time: 20mins

Serves: 2-3


300g baby spinach leaves, chopped

1 big potato, diced into 1.5cm

1tsp cumin seeds

1/4tsp asafoetida

1/4tsp turmeric powder

1-2 dry red chillies

3cloves of garlic, sliced

1tsp cumin powder

1tsp coriander powder

2tbsp oil

salt to taste


  • Heat oil in a saute pan on medium low.

  • Temper oil with dry red chillies, cumin seeds and asafoetida

  • Add the sliced garlic, stir for a couple of seconds then add the diced potatoes and stir.

  • Now add the turmeric, cumin powder, coriander powder and salt. Mix everything well.

  • Cover and cook till potatoes are nearly done. Keep stirring in betweeen.

  • Now add the chopped spinach and cover the pan. Do not stir or mix at this stage, let the leaves wilt, about 3-4mins)

  • Now stir the leaves with the spiced potatoes well, cover and cook for another couple of minutes.

  • Then cook uncovered till the potatoes are done, spinach is sauteed and water has evaporated. Cooking the spinach uncovered helps keep its vibrant green colour.

  • Serve as a side dish with boiled rice or with roti.

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