Simple Christmas Table Setting

There you have it, if you had grand plans for Christmas Dinner or Lunch with friends or family, you may be already disappointed after last week's announcement by the PM. Us too, we were disappointed for sure but not down and out! We had a planned get together on Christmas day, but sadly that had to be put on hold. But c'est la vie, take it with a pinch of salt and make the best that you can out of the situation.

Although this Christmas we will not be able to have our friends and family around the table for lunch, we know that we should make it a memorable one. Let go of the worries around us and enjoy these beautiful moments together as a family, in a year which can only be described as 'annus horibilis 2020'. Since we are making so much effort in planning and preparing a special meal so why not create the festive ambience as well. What better way to do so than create an elegant christmas table setting which will be a feast for the eyes.

This year, I've decided to go with red and silver colour palette with specks of natural elements. These are few of my tips for creating a simple, elegant festive table setting for your Christmas get together.

Choose Table Cloth and Runner

When you've decided on your theme, start with the basics - a table cloth and table runner is the perfect way to give an immediate festive look to an otherwise simple dining table. Depending on the material of your table top e.g. a wooden top, you may decide to omit a table cloth and have just a runner that matches your theme. Choose contrast colours for the table cloth and runner. For my design I've used a white table cloth with gold and silver threads giving it a nice sparkle and a red cotton runner.

A table centrepiece

Get creative with designing your centrepiece that'll bring it all together. I love having candles around the house, candles of all shapes and sizes. I have used white pillar candles, which I thought go well with my silver painted glass holders giving it an elegant yet a rustic feel(?) with the wooden base and natural pine cones, cinnamon sticks. Placing few spare baubles and painted cones at either ends of the centrepiece create an extension and add more festive fun to the table. Sprigs of fir, holly leaves and berries, eucalyptus foliage can give it a natural and fresh festive look too.

Placemats, Charger plates and coasters

Placemats, charger plates and coasters are all used to protect your table linen from spots and stains, which is so important when you have a table heaving with food and hungry mouths around it, isn't it? You may either use a table mat or a charger plate or both. Match them to your theme, go for festive patterns or a single festive colour such as gold, silver, red. There are many different materials for decorative charger plates - from glass, metal to wood! So take your pick whatever suits your style and budget.

Cutlery, crockery and glassware

I have used simple white plates and stainless steel cutlery which goes well with my theme and I did not have to spend a dime buying anything new. Place glassware for your drinks to add sparkle to your table.Make sure you polish your cutlery and your glassware well.

Napkins and Christmas crackers

Next, think about your table napkins, use bright cheery festive napkins or simple cotton napkins. Give it a festive flair with a decorative napkin ring, stylish napkin fold, add fresh greens like a sprig of thyme, cinnamon sticks tied with a string, fir with pine cone, berries etc. I have used a very simple napkin roll with a silver napkin ring. Below, I've given a snapshot of how this was done.

Last but not the least, no festive table decoration is complete without Christmas crackers. Add sparkly, christmas themed crackers to start off your christmas meal with fun, laughter or a christmas hat by snapping these entertaining decorations!

Rolled Table Napkin Fold

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Have a Happy and Safe Christmas! Have loads of fun and create lasting memories!

Love you all. See you soon.

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