Quarantine cooking with kids

Cooking with kids can be quite interesting, educational and challenging too! During these social distancing times when kids are at home throughout the day, it is important that they are kept engaged in as many different activities as we can possibly arrange. Thank God for technology, many schools have organised online schools & virtual classrooms which keeps them occupied for a good part of the day. But nonetheless, they still get considerable time from rest of the day and we, as parents, can make good use of this by honing their cooking skills! I am a bit lucky, as I have a 13 year old, therefore, don't have to think of logistics (stools, etc!) or of health and safety as much as you would do for younger kids. However, I do believe, it is never too early to get them interested in this valued lifeskill. But caution, you will need loads of patience!

Here are my 3 easy dishes that kids will enjoy making and will help boost their confidence as it will taste good anyway. All 3 recipes need basic store cupboard ingredients and food items that are usually in our fridge or freezer. For younger kids you will have to be with them, for older ones you can print the recipe out and let them loose, but of course under your watchful eye from a distance!


My delicious vegetable, egg and ginger fried rice dotted with juicy prawns and diced smoked bacon makes a great all round one pan dish.

30mins, 4 servings


This healthy & vibrant vegetable penne pasta is my easy to make, one pot dinner. It is also a good way of putting some greens into thouse fussy mouths!

25 mins, 4 servings


Easy, healthy and flavourful noodle soup with carrot, green beans and sweetcorn. Best with homemade vegetable or chicken stock and packed with garlic.

15 mins, 4 servings


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