Games to take you through the social distancing/lockdown

Needless to say none of us living in this world today, has seen such a devastating

event that is affecting nearly every country across the world. Never before have families been forced to spend time together in such close quarters, every hour of every single day. Us not being any different, we had to find innovative ways of keeping our idle minds and body active, to keep us sane. So, out came all the board games from every corner of the house,that were once shoved into the back of cupboards. Husband dear followed the saying'Necessity is the mother of invention' literally and made a rudimentary table tennis board out of our 2mx1m size dining table.

So here we are holed up in a flat, looking out of our balcony with longing eyes at the park below. The park never seemed so inviting than today, with the sun in its full glory, bathing its lush green carpet of grass with its warmth!

Hmm... but the harsh reality is we have to be indoors; so rather than sulking and poohpooing social distancing, we decided to get us busy with some serious Gaming, without the mod cons!

Scrabble - Scrabble is a game that will make you scramble for all the dictionaries - Oxford, Collins, Merriam Webster et al. You can show your prowess in English language.Try it. It is sure to bring out arguments, debates, laughter and loads of fun for hours.

Monopoly - Whether you are interested in business or not, you will definitely enjoy this game. I always choose to be the Banker (sounds very clever),even if there are voices of dissent from the board(pun intended). For those who are new to this game, a banker has control over the 'Cash'. Jokes apart, if you have young ones, this can be a great way of them learning about finances, budgets, mortgaging, buying and selling etc. Hours of learning via entertainment.

Ludo- A simple but engaging, pure no brainer when it comes to hours of fun and laughter.

For a small family of four this is the ultimate after dinner, wind down fun board game. But don't let its simple format fool you as it can get quite competitive. Legend goes that families have broken up, brothers & sisters have become each other worst rivals. Don't go by my words play it and see although at your Own Risk!

Chess - Now this is a board game that may not be to everyone's interest and liking. However, if you are blessed with a husband like mine who is almost a Chess fanatic, there's no escaping from the 'moves'. If you, like me want a me time in all this madness, get your father and kid to engage in a wretched game of chess! Rest assured you will get enough time to do all your favourites and some extra time for Catch Up TV!

Now if all the above don't lure you enough, then there's always Dining Table Tennis :-)

Share your favourite board games during a family get together...

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