Embracing Yoga - Part 1

Practicing Yoga

For many of us the year 2020 has so far been a year of breaks. Be it breaks in studies, break from offices, break from a busy 24x7 life and for many of us, a break of resolutions that we had opted-in, at the beginning of the year. Now friends, one such resolution for me was my resolution to hit the gym for a healthy life this year. But then Covid-19 happened, and the world came to a standstill. The gyms were one of the firsts to be locked down. But instead of feeling defeated, like many of us, I too was determined to stick to my goal of adopting a healthier life. The worldwide spread of pandemic further urged me that it was indeed high time that I shift to a healthy and positive lifestyle. I started pestering my Sister-In-Law, who, to my great fortune, happens to be a certified Yoga Instructor, to start online Yoga classes. She, being an ever Yoga enthusiast and a teacher to the core of her heart agreed to it and lo and behold it was not long that whole of our family decided to join the classes. So, with the beginning of June (also that International Yoga Day was approaching on June 21st), I along with my two juniors started the journey of making Yoga a part of my life.

As a beginner, I too had some constrictions in my mind, as for me, Yoga was synonymous with flexibility and some tough body twisting poses. However, my SIL advised me not to stress out and assured that in Yoga it will be only me who will set my own pace in learning. So, no worry even if you are not able to touch your toes or strike the perfect Surya namaskar poses and is over 40. Just roll out your mat, relax and begin the yoga practice and believe me when I say that it will bring much joy and relaxation. Although I am newbie having completed just four weeks of Yoga training, I have realised that these days I feel more invigorated, relaxed, less tired and I realise that a general feeling of wellness and positivity is always ingrained in me these days.

1. Choose a suitable time

Although mornings are the best time and helps one keep up the energy level high through the rest of the day, one can practice yoga in the evening too for releasing the stress that has accumulated all throughout the day. However, there should be a minimum gap of 3-4hrs from the time one has had their meal. Begin your yoga practice in the morning after having two glasses of lukewarm water and a morning shower. Although, it is traditional to take bath or shower before yoga, and may have some other reasons too, for me, it freshens me up and makes me feel more focussed and invigorated. It is also advised not to take bath or shower immediately after a yoga session ends but after 20-30 minutes.

2. Choose a comfortable area

Yoga can be practiced both indoor and outdoor. Wherever may be the area of Yoga practice, choose an open space where you can spread your mat, airy, clean and doesn’t have any obstructions or sharp objects.

3. Choose a comfortable wear

There is no hard and fast dress code for practicing yoga, however, make sure that whatever you are wearing is comfortable, roomy, and doesn’t restrict your movement while stretching your body.

4. Be regular

Always be regular with your yoga practice. If hard pressed with time during weekdays, keep it simple for 30-40 mins and you can extend the time to 1 hour and with rigorous session on weekends and Sundays. Regular practice will make it a habit and you won’t like to miss a day. Remember, even 5-10 minutes of practicing yoga every day is much more effective than doing a long session once a week!

5. Make your Yoga time a happy family time.

For us it is a fun time as our whole family comes together for yoga practice. Be it my mother in law who joins from extreme north eastern part of India, Assam, to one of my sister in law practicing ‘Setu Bandhana’ from USA, we have turned our yoga time to family get together time too. If you find practicing alone to be boring, you can encourage your friends and family to join in.

6. Include varieties and prevent being repetitive

Types of Yoga asanas may be sitting, standing, reclining, balancing, bending, kneeling, and breathing. With a whole range of asanas to choose from, you will rarely find yourself repeating the same types of asanas every day. However, a fix set of asanas may be done every day with variations to be practiced on Sundays.

Friends and readers, as i have already said in the begining, that there is no deadline set for making myself perfect in Yoga asanas, so stay with me on this journey, which of course is at my own pace and time, towards a healthier and blissful tomorrow. In my next space I will write about few easy asanas along with their benefits for beginners like me to practice and all the changes that I see happening in my life as I continue to make Yoga a part of my life!


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