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Boiled Fish with Fish-mint leaves

This is another simple, scrumptious and healthy fish-mint recipe. It is a soul satisfying dish for a hot summer's lunch. I have prepared it with small fresh water fish - commonly known as 'boriola' ( Aspidoparia). Any other variety of small fresh water fish such as 'dorikona'(flying barb) or 'mourola'(Indian carplet) will work well too. If you do not get any of the above, try this recipe with Rohu/Rui/Labeo rohita, even this will come out delicious.

As mentioned in my post on Fish-mint leaves, it is a wonder herb which is a store house of nutritious elements, vitamins, bioactive compounds etc. And small fishes are not only rich source of protein, but also a variety of vitamins, minerals and essential micro and macro nutrients. All in all, this dish pulls no punches when it comes to healthy eating!



200g small fresh water fish, cleaned and washed

6- 8 fish-mint leaves, roughly torn

2 medium sized tomatoes, sliced

1 green chilli, split

1" piece of ginger, finely chopped or crushed

6-8 small cloves of garlic, finely chopped or crushed

salt to taste

1tbsp mustard oil

1cup water


  • In a deep pan or kadai heat 1 cup water till it comes to a rolling boil and reduce heat.

  • Add the cleaned and washed fish tomatoes, fish-mint leaves, crushed ginger-garlic, green chilli and salt, stir and cover.

  • Cook on low heat for about 10-15 mins until tomatoes become mushy and fish cooked.

  • Check in between.

  • Before removing add 1tbsp of mustard oil, stir and turn off heat. Mustard oil lifts the flavours of the dish and adds a nice 'kick' to it.

  • Serve hot with steamed or boiled rice.

To read about all the goodness of this wonder herb called read my blog post here. And if you liked this recipe, you might also like my lentil and fish-mint fritters recipe

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